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Report of Guest Lecture Meeting on “INDIANS ABROAD” – 19.02.19

D.K.M. College for Women (Autonomous) Vellore
Department of History

Report of Guest Lecture Meeting on 19/02/2019


The Department of History conducted a Special Guest Lecture meeting on 19/02/2019. Resource Person was Dr. C. Joseph Barnabas, M.A., M phil. Ph,D., Formerly Principal ,  Hindustan College Of Arts &  Science, Chennai., Former Associate Professor of History,  Madras Christian College, Tambaram, Chennai. Chief Guest was welcomed by Dr. A. Amirthavalli, Associate Professor  & HOD, Department of History. Dr.P.N. Sudha, the Principal felicitated the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest delivered the Lecture on “INDIANS ABROAD”.

            Chief Guest clearly explained the History of Migration of Indians since early sedentary agriculture, 15,000-5000 BCE and Chronological and geonoligcal migrations upto British and Modern Period. Huge migration took place during British period. Indians were forced to migrate to work in Tea Plantation and sugar Plantation. The Indians   first migrated to Mauritius, after that Mesopotamia, Egypt, the Indic and East Asian societies, USA, UK, Srilanka and South Africa. Initial they were treated as slaves. Due to various movements  all over the world the life style of Indians changed gradually. At present they are treated equally.  The Chief Guest noted various opportunities available in the field of Education and Employment in abroad. He motivated the students to utilize these opportunities. The program was Compered by Mrs. S. Jayanthi, Assistant Professor in History and vote of thanks was delivered by  Dr. G. Vijayalakshmi, Assistant Professor in History.

Report of History Department Association Meeting on “PALLIPADAI TEMPLES”- 20/02/2019

D.K.M. College for Women (Autonomous) Vellore
Department of History
Report on Association Meeting – 20/02/2019

The Department of History conducted a Special Guest Lecture meeting on 20/02/2019. Resource Person was Dr. P. Venkatesan Director.Chief Guest was welcomed by Dr. A. Amirthavalli, Associate Professor  & HOD, Department of History. Dr.P.N. Sudha Principal felicitated the Chief Guest. The Chief Guest delivered a Lecture on “PALLIPADAI TEMPLES”.

          The chief guest explained the meaning of Pallipadai. He also gave a detailed information s of the Pallipadai Temples in Tamil Nadu. From his address we came to know that cholas constructed   lot of pallipadai temples in Tamil Nadu and these temples are in deplorable conditions. In discussion session he gave answer to students queries.  Mrs. M.Vanitha, Assistant Professor in History gave vote of thanks.



The Fine arts committee of D.K.M College has conducted various competitions to the students to exhibit their talents like Pencil sketch, Mehandhi, Hair Do, Jewellery making, Saree Designing, Flower Bouquet Making, Cooking, Vegetable and Fruit Carving, Handwork, Song- Solo and Group, Kolam, Rangoli and Folk Dance- Solo and Group dance from 27th August to 6th September 2018. Around 200 students participated in various competetions. The best performance of each programme was judged by a group of our faculty members and selected for prize distribution.

In view of the fine arts day celebration an exhibition by Jayavanth Silks and Sarees was organized on 4th October 2018 for the benefit of the students and the teachers in concessional rate.

The fine arts day celebration was conducted on 26.12.2018 at 11.00 AM and the chief guest was Mr. P. Balasubramanian, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D., Head, Department of Tamil, Sacred Heart College, Thirupattur. The fine arts day celebration began with a prayer song. Dr. S. Sasikala, Assistant Professor in Tamil, Fine Arts Committee Secretary welcomed the audience. Among the various competitions already conducted the best performance like Solo and group Song, solo Dance and Group dance were also presented on the stage.  The Chief Guest Mr. P. Balasubramanian gave special address to the students and distributed the prizes to the winners of various competitions. An exhibition of the prize winners articles  took place on the same day. The Overall Championship trophy was won by the students of Chemistry department. Vote of thanks was given by Dr. A. Vinodhini, Assistant Professor in Zoology and the programme came to an end with National Anthem.

Fine Arts Committee members:

1. Dr. S. Sasikala, Dept. of Tamil                                           
2. Dr.A.Vinodhini, Dept. of Zoology
3. Mrs. R.Sarathy, Dept of English

Student Secretary: Ms. Ritu, II B. Sc.Mathematics

Chief guest Mr. P. Balasubramanian, addressed the gathering

        Chief guest Mr. P. Balasubramanian visited the exhibition

                Students creative work in the exhibition

Department of Chemistry received the overall championship trophy

Extension Activity – Mass Palm Tree Plantation by Department of History

Department of History
Extension Activity –Mass Palm Tree Plantation

                The III B.A History Students and Dr.A. Amirthavalli, Associate Professor and HOD Planted 3200 Palm tree Seeds in Kurumbapallayam village in Kaniyambadi in Vellore District
on 8th October 2018 .

Report on Various Competition organized by Department of English(Aided)


Competition is part of our life. It matters a lot. It makes people to laugh and cry. Competition educates us, persuades us and entertains us. It brings people together like scattered pieces of cloth stitched together to craft a beautiful quilts. The Department of English (Aided) has set the benchmark for conducting extracurricular activities in such a way that students not only enjoy but also learn a great deal from it. With the same perspective, the English department has organized various competitions like Painting, Essay writing, Calligraphy, Spot Talk and Poetry writing for the students of all the departments. The department believes that such types of competition would help in developing essential skills (LSRW) of the students and also go a long way to boost confidence of the students. The main purpose was to showcase the ability to express words in their own way enables to create own unique identity. Through these competitions, students had the opportunities to expose their knowledge of literature and language. All the competitions were supervised by Dr. M. Manimozhi, Asst. Professor of English, Department of English (Aided).

      The competitions held on the month of September the dates as follows:

PAINTING 12.09.2018
ESSAY WRITING 14.09.2018
CALLIGRAPHY 26.09.2018
SPOT TALK 27.09.2018

Report on “Film Festival – 2019” conduced by English Department

D.K.M. College for women (Autonomous), Vellore
Department of English
Film Festival Report – 2019

The Department of English has conducted the Film Festival on 15 of February, 2019 at D.K.M. College for Women (Autonomous), Vellore. This event was organized diligently with vibrant, contagious and exuberant.

Mrs. Anitha Daisy Winfred, Assistant Professor of English from Auxilium College for Women, Vellore has graced the occasion as the Chief Guest while distinguished guest, Ms. V. P. Gayatri, Head of the English Department (Aided) D.K.M. College, Mrs. S. Indra Gandhi, Head of the English Department (Unaided) D.K.M. College, have presided over the function. Also, Elite Staff members of the English department and Student made this as event grand success.

‘Film festival – 2019’ was instigated with the prayer service by Mrs. D. Sasi kala and the event was followed by lighting of Kuthu vilakku by a group of dignitaries Chief guest Mrs. Anitha Daisy Winfred, Miss. V.P. Gayatri ,  Mrs. Gayatri, Mrs. S. Indragandhi, Mrs. D. Sasi kala and Mrs. S. Sanjula. Dr. M. Manimozhi Asst. Prof. English has compered the whole program and Mrs. R. Sarathy formally applauded the chief guest, other dignitaries present on the dais, colleagues and students.

            Further, the program was followed by the valuable lecture of the chief guest.  She gave a lecture on “Animated movie”, which was helpful to the students. English Department students had the opportunity to watch the Animated movies like “SPIRITED AWAY”, “GRAVE OF THE FIREFLIES”, and “MULAN”.  People believe that literature has a capable of only reading and writing persistence. But this event has set a breakdown from that stereotypical view of Literature.  At last, the event was concluded by the vote of thanks presented by Mrs. S. Sumathi, English Department.