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D.K.M College was founded in June 1972 through the munificence of sri N.Krishaswami Mudaliar and Smt. Dhanabagiam Ammal who took keen interest to further the cause of Women`s Education, one of the greatest and vital needs of the developing country like India.


In the Year 2008 library have been automated with software named SOUL 2.0 of UGC-INFLIBNET which is the integrated library management software by the UGC and OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) is also available which allows online Reservation, circulation, Accounts of the user and to find and to locate a particular Document in library Resources. The library services includes Internet browsing Facilities, Circulation, Current awareness, Reference Services and User Education are available in central library. We are member in UGC-INFLIBNET accessing e-resources (6000+ journals and 97000+ eBooks). The total cost incurred during 2007 – 2015 from UGC Fund – Rs.14,79,642/-, Autonomous Fund – Rs.7,45,722/- and Special Fee – Rs.1,10,974/-. Barcode Technology was partially implemented and in future RFID Technology is going to be implemented which will make the library user more comfortable and fast & quick access of resources in the library and to computerize the central library.



Learning is fundamental to the progress of humanity—for economic prosperity, social well-being, personal fulfillment, and to help ensure a sustainable planet.


Today the library and archive, growing through Grant Purchase and provide a remarkable living Resource for all members of the college and for visiting researchers, while college tours and changing exhibitions allow the college to share its treasures with a wider public.


Library Repositories

Books :     33,238


Total no. of Titles :       10009


Book Bank :           259


Competitive Exam Books :       2814
Periodicals :             28


Back volumes :       2417


Thesis and Dissertation :           544
CDs :         351    


N-list Programme    
E-Journals E-Books 6000 97000


Alert Service
The new arrivals of books and journals are provided for the benefit of the users.


Library Rules


  • On all working days the library will be kept open from 8.45 a.m. to 5.45 p.m.
  • Personal books and files should be left on the rack at the entrance of the library. Plain sheets may be taken instead.
  • Students/Staff should scan their ID card in the E-Gate Register scanner while entering the library.
  • The library users should possess their ID card while they are inside the library.
  • Silence should be strictly observed in the Library.
  • Discussions are not allowed inside the library.
  • Books will be issued only on production of Bar-coded ID card.
  • Membership Cards are not transferable.
  • Marking and underlining with pencil or pen and folding the paper edges for book marks are absolutely forbidden. Readers shall be held responsible for any damage done to the book belonging to the Library and shall be required to replace such book or pay the value thereof.
  • The arrangement of chairs and other furniture in the reading area should not be disturbed.
  • The books, current journals, back volumes taken out the racks shall not be replaced. They should be left only on the tables.
  • UG students can borrow three books and PG students can borrow five books at a time.
  • Books will be issued normally for a period of seven days. Depending on the demand for the books at a particular time. If a book is not returned on the due day, a fine of Re.2 per day will be collected.
  • The following conditions are to be followed for the renewal of books.
         The book has to be produced in the Library for renewal.
         More than one renewal will not be allowed.
  • Before leaving the counter, the member must satisfy herself as to whether or not the book lent to her is in sound condition. If not she must report immediately to the librarian. Otherwise she is liable to be held responsible for the replacement of the book.
  • Absence from the College will not be allowed as an excuse for the delay in the return of books.
  • The following books are for reference only within the library
        Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, Handbooks etc
        Single copy text books and some reference books
         Very expensive books of prices over Rs.1000/- and
         Journals, Magazines, Project Reports, Back Volumes and Question Banks.


  • Students are expected to use the books with care. If a book is lost or damaged borrower should replace the book or pay penalty 2 times the cost of the book.
  • Users are allowed to take the photocopies of the required articles.
  • Photocopying of full – book is not permitted
  • While accessing the E-resources of the library, proper entries are to be made in the records of the library. Downloading of the information is also permitted.
  • Accessing unwanted and unnecessary information from the internet is strictly prohibited.
  • New books received will be on display for a week.
  • Any book issued may be taken back by the librarian at any time.
  • Violation of the rules would lead to expulsion of the student from the college.
  • The above rules are introduced to regularize the use of the library resources and will be reviewed periodically to meet the changing needs.
  • Any changes in the rules or information to members will be notified on the Library Notice Board as and when required.





Ph.D. (Day College)

Email : shanthij@dkmcollege.org


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MA, B.Ed. M.LISC, M.Phil, DCA

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Librarian Assistant


Ms. M.Shobana

BA, (Day College)


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Mrs. T.Ezhilarasi

B.Com.  DTP, Tally

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