D.K.M College For Women


Vellore - 1

Affiliated To Thiruvalluvar University


Funded Projects


S. No.

Name of the staff Title of the project Amount sanctioned (Rs.) Funding Agency Status
1 Dr. K. Revathy
Reader in English
English curriculum: an overview of promises, perspectives and problems in schools –Vellore, Tamil Nadu. 2,90,000 UGC Completed
2 Dr.G.Kowsalya
Reader in Tamil
Social Welfare Organization In Vellore Town 16,000 MHRM Completed
35,000 UGC-MINOR Completed
3 Mrs. T. Valli
Reader in Zoology
Investigation On The Current Status Of Vellore Fort Moat Ecosystem And Its Impact On Commercially Important  Major Carps Of Dkm College For Women 1,00,000 UGC-MINOR Completed
4 Mrs. I. Mangairkarasi
SG. Lec. in History
Glimpses On Religious Harmony In Vellore 65,000 UGC-MINOR Completed
5 Mrs. S. Valarmathy
SG. Lec. in Tamil
Socio-Economic Conditions Of The People In The Outskirts Of Vellore, Tamil Nadu 1,00,000 UGC-MINOR Completed
6 Dr.S.Mythili Department of Commerce (Aided) A study on health care reinforcement through TQM, practices in private hospital of Vellore health unit division (2012-13) 95000/- UGC Completed
7 Dr. P. N. Sudha
Department of Chemistry
Fabrication of nanochitosan, cellulose acetate and polyethylene glycol, antifouling membranes for heavy metal contaminated wastewater treatment applications( 2012-2014)


UGC Completed
8 Dr. P. N. Sudha
Department of Chemistry
Preparation of short kenaf fibre reinforced chitosan composite biosorbent for heavy metal contaminated wastewater treatment applications(2008-2011)
1,60,000/- UGC Completed
9 Dr. P. N. Sudha
Department of Chemistry
Towards chrome free Chicken-A piolt scale study to extract value added byproducts from chromium containing collagenous waste of tanneries in Ranipet area, Vellore, Tamil nadu (2007-2011) 1,10,000/- TNSCST Completed
10 Dr. P. N. Sudha
Department of Chemistry
UGC minor project “Preparation, Characterization of Nano Chitosan based bio – Composites for Water Treatment” (2009 -2012)
1,75,000/- UGC Completed
11 Dr. K.Devi
Department of Zoology
UGC-Major Research Project – “Protective potential of some Indian Folklore medicinal plants on Acetaminophen and alcohol induced hepatotoxicity in male albino rats(2011-2014) 4,86,000/- UGC Completed
12 S.Santhalakshmi
Department of Chemistry
Minor Research project- Synthesis, Characterisation, Crystal, Structure Anti-Microbial, and larvicidal studies of New Theory SCH IFF Base Transition Metal complexes derived from Aliphalic Chelating Diamine.(2014-2016) 4,50,000/- UGC Completed
13 S. Asha
Department of Biochemistry
Minor Research Project- Evaluation of Antivro Lithiatic Activity of Amaranthus H Spinosun LINN, Leaves on Ethylene Induc ED Urolithiasis in Male Rats 2,83,000/- UGC Completed
14 Dr. T. Gomathi
Department of Chemistry
Eco-friendly green synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using plant extracts against wound causing microorganisms (2016-2017)  10,000/- TNSCST- Student Project Completed