Only after the admission into the college, a student is eligible to seek admission into the hostel. The Application Form, available at the hostel office, is to be submitted to the Warden after duly filling it up.

The Hostel for UG and PG students are in the same campus thereby ensuring that the students are not far away from any academic facilities. The hostel is just within 100 meters distance from the library and laboratories.

Hostel facility is a home away from home for many students. The hostel facility of the college was started in 1975, by our beloved founder. In those years, when women’s education itself was rare, our founder went the extra mile and thought about the security of the women who take to higher education. So he benevolently built a hostel.




Catering services are supervised by the Hostel Committees and the menu is largely vegetarian. Catering service delivers value and convenience to the residents by offering high quality and hygienic service to all the students and staff. The hostel inmates are expected to follow strictly all the hostel rules, as decided by the Warden and Resident Tutors.





To ensure the comfort of all the students, hostel is equipped with facilities like Newspaper/magazines, television, indoor games and so on.


  1. The hostel facilitates the stay of 200 students at present strength is 100 and modernized kitchen which ensures hygiene in the hostel.
  2. Two spacious study halls.
  3. Telephone facilities at each floor.
  4. A lobby to facilitate parents and guardian to meet the hostelites.
  5. The Hostel day creates an opportunity for personal interaction and improvement.
  6. The hostel is meant only for women students with a woman warden.
  7. The rooms of the hostel are fully furnished.
  8. Uninterrupted power supply is facilitated to the definite need of the students.
  9. Suggestion boxes for the students and feedback registers for the parents are maintained.
  10. Dry cleaning facilities.
  11. Indoor games like chess, table tennis are present.
  12. Common television and study rooms are also provided.
  13. Each student is provided with individual study tables for her academic purposes.
  14. Tasty and hygienic, vegetarian food are cooked and served
  15. The monthly mess bill is calculated on dividing basis.
  16. Water heater facilities are provided round the clock for every floor of the hostel