Seminar Halls

Seminar Halls
Any engineering student needs to participate in interactive sessions, debates and presentations continuously.  Seminar Hall is a place where most of the academic activities happen.  DKM has well equipped Air Conditioned seminar hall which can accommodate 250 members.  It is a centre for knowledge acquisition since right ambiance is created with a podium, a computer system with internet facility, an LCD projector, a sound system and speakers.  It attracts students to flock together to share, discuss and explore knowledge in their areas of learning.
Class Rooms
The classrooms architecturally designed with optimal room for natural light and air. They provide a vibrant backdrop to the academic achievements and offer a unique place to study, relax and develop.  The classrooms are equipped with an array of hi-tech equipment which enables the competent teachers to conduct classes in such a manner that the students can make use of all the available resources at the click of a button. In this very special learning environment, LCD projectors, video players [for language labs] are available. All these facilities enable the teachers to teach in a unique and innovative manner which makes the students feel involved in the teaching – learning process and improves the pace and quality of learning.
Further the students are exercised to prove their skills by allowing them to give presentations during the class work. To make the students have better access of all the concepts that they have to present, the faculty have provided a date-wise schedule of the topics.
State-of-the-art laboratories are the back bone of any college. Practical exposure brings real value to degree.  DKM has all the laboratories with the latest equipment.   There are multimedia English Language Labs with all the sophisticated equipment, especially to train students in communicative aspects of English.