5 days Training Program on the empowerment of women adolescents through Life skills and Sports from 3/1/!7 to 7/1/17



The program started with inaugural function followed by prayer song. Then welcome address was conveyed by Mrs.ThendralArasi Head of the Department of Psychology, followed by presidential address by Principal Dr.P.N. Sudha. Hounoring the guest by Mrs.Amsa Head of the Department and Physical Director, and the key note address was delievered by Mr.Dinesh Gajendran Director Of Audacious Dreams Foundation. Finally vote of thanks was delivered by Mrs.AmudhaSelvi Assistant Professor of Psychology Department.31

DAY 1 (3/1/17)

On January 3rd 2017,The training sessions started by Naz team Mr.Vivek, Mr.Prem, Mr.Sunil, and Ms.Rajini and was supported by Adaucious dreams foundation team Mr.Mathivanan. Followed by 1st session introduction, group division and warm up games were given on the same day 2nd session started with Netball skills session which includes catching and throwing, all passes position and basic rules on court were given. And following 3rd session lecture on life skills- Communication and Peer pressure were taught and the day end up with feedback session, snacks distribution and wrap up.

DAY 2 (4/1/17)

On January 4th 2017 started with previous day review and fitness drills. In the 1st session the netball skills session including two feet landing and pivot were given. In the 2nd session started with practical session on netball game, focus on foot work. Following the 2nd session, the 3rd session was about Life skill-menstruation and hygiene were given, and the it came to an end with feedback session, snacks distribution and wrap up.

DAY 3 (5/1/17)47

On January 5th started with previous day review and warm up games.  In the 1st session, netball skills session shooting and single dodge. And the 3rd session was life skill- basics on HIV. The 4th session started with netball skills session- hand over the ball and shadowing. And the 5th session was about preparation for net ball tournament and the 6th session was netball match practice with the rules. Following the 6th session, the 7th session was lectured on life skills-Know your rights and finally the day came to an end by feedback session, snack distribution and wrap up.

DAY 4 (7/1/17)2

On January 7th, started with previous day review and warm up games followed by Netball tournament between 8 teams, M & E questionnaire were filled and the winners were announced. The winners were SPARTAN’s team who banged 1st place lead by captain A.S.Nivetha , 2nd place was banged by BLOCKBUSTERS team lead by captain S.Aamira Zackiya and the 3rd place was banged by FIRE BIRDS team lead by S.Maithreyee. At the end it was a send off program followed by feedback session, snack distribution and wrap up.


Mrs.Safeena Assistant Professor of Psychology Department conveyed welcome address. Mr. Dinesh Gajendran gave key note address. The winners and participants were honoured with certificates by Mrs.Amsa Physical Director, Mrs. Vidya Head of Microbiology Department and Ms.Angeline Mercy Assistant Professor of English Department. Mrs.Amudha Selvi Assistant Professor of Psychology Department presented the report of 5days training program. At the end of the program vote of thanks was proposed by Mrs.Geetha Assistant professor of Psychology Department.16