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Research Ethics

Research is essential indeed to find answers for unanswered puzzles, filling gaps in knowledge, identifying the truth behind facts, explore the unexplored areas and promote welfare to the entire living society. Not only in the field of Science, Research plays a vital role in several fields of Arts and social sciences, in the development of Pharmacy, Cosmetics, Food, Human Resource Development  and other industries. Better research can be performed only when the students are aware of the importance of research and they must imbue the skills necessary for enhancing Research. Thus, the Research Policy has been designed to highlight the objectives and guidelines to promote research by ourinstitution.

1. Purpose

To Promote research in our institution by providing infrastructure and a conducive environment to faculty and students.

2. Scope

Research in academics helps the students to get employed in any part of the world to pursue higher studies in research.

3. Objectives

  • To promote research attitude among faculty and students.
  • To ensure quality, integrity and ethics in research.
  • To encourage Faculty and Students to do research on the topics that are essential in academics as well as those that are socially significant.
  • To encourage innovative consultancy activities and extension services.

4. Custodian of Policy

The implementation and updating of Research Policy will be carried out by the Research Committee and will be submitted for reference to the Principal for perusal and recommendations.

5. Policy and Guidelines
5.1. Research Practice

  • Proper monitoring of research activities to be done by the research supervisor and guide.
  • Research Faculty should encourage students to take up research that is essential to resolve social problems particularly of the local community.
  • Convert academic research into innovations that can be used as products or services.

5.2. Hands on training

Another policy highlight of our institution is to provide Hands on Training to students pursuing research

  • Hands on training on basic instruments to perform research is organised.
  • Hands on training on Data analysis using SPSS is organised.
  • Faculties are encouraged to conduct workshops and attend workshops to learn new techniques or instrumentation.
  • Introducing new computer technologies to faculties and students, including new software used for writing papers to be published in journals and analysing research.

5.3. Collaborations and Projects

  • Facilitate collaborations with other colleges/University, Public agencies and Private sectors at national and international level to promote research by partnership with multidisciplinary benefits.
  • Explore and obtain funds for research performed from private and Government based support systems such as DBT, DST etc.

5.4. Disseminating & obtaining research knowledge

  • Conduct Conferences, Symposia and Workshops on Current Topics in Science and Social sciences including Arts for sharing knowledge and update of specialization in their fields.
  • Encourage faculty and students to actively participate and present their research work in National and International Conferences and Symposia.
  • Motivate faculty and students to publish in Peer reviewed/ Scopus indexed web science/ UGC recognised journals.

5.5. Ethics in Research

  • Strictly monitor research activities to avoid duplicity.
  • Research techniques should not violate established professional ethics pertaining to health, safety, privacy, and other personal rights of human beings or to the infliction of injury or pain on animals.
  • If the research involves animal study, proper ethical clearance and approval should be obtained prior to it.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken if any dishonesty is found in conducting research, such as duplicity or plagiarism, is found among the faculty members.

5.6. Safety in Research

Promote occupational and personal safety, health and wellness of faculty and students by providing safety environment and information about health hazards while conducting research.

5.7. Publication

  • Publish the research results in reputed journals recognized by SCOPUS, Web of Science and UGC.
  • Teach students the importance of ISBN, ISSN and other quality measurements in publishing a research work.

5.8. Recruitment and Promotion

  • Recognize faculty on the basis of research contribution to the institution and consider/ recommend them for career advancement and promotions.
  • Candidates with higher research potential will be recruited based on the vacancies available in the institution.

6. Research incentive policy

  • Financial Incentives are given by the Management to the faculty members to encourage publications in reputed journals which adds Research credentials to our institution.
  • Seed money is also provided to the aspiring faculties and students to conduct research in their fields with societal and national consciousness.

7. Periodic review of Research output

Periodic review of research output shall be carried out by each department for assessment and required corrective actions will be taken for the benefit of the students and institution as a whole.