D.K.M College For Women


Vellore - 1

Affiliated To Thiruvalluvar University

Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade with a CGPA of 3.22 out of 4 in the 4th Cycle

Admission Help Line Numbers

Aided - 0416-2903691 / 7010308218
Unaided - 94433 41270 / 9489537911


Alumni Association


The College has an active Alumni association which serves the purpose of establishing and strengthening the relationship with its past pupils. This Association is involved in an array of initiatives to keep the alumni in constant touch with the college. They make the alumni participate in the Reconnect meet conducted annually. Every year the association maintains a proper database of the Alumni, conducts Reconnect meetings, enabling alumni to participate in the curriculum enhancement are some of the initiatives taken by the Alumni Association. The registration of the Alumni association is under process.


  • To establish and maintain a long-term relationship with the alumni.
  • To get valuable suggestions from alumni for Curriculum Enhancement by making them participate in Board of Studies Meetings.
  • To share Placement related information in alumni groups.
  • To honour the alumni, programmes are arranged with alumni as resource persons.
  • To transfer the skill of the alumni to present students through skill-oriented workshops.

Alumni Get Together

       The College organizes Alumni Meet every year to enable the pastpupils to connect with current students and staff.  The College conducts Alumni Meet on the last Sundays of January, to encourage more alumni to participate.

Alumni in Curriculum Enhancement

         The distinguished Alumni actively participate in the Board of Studies Meeting conducted for Curriculum Development. The suggestions and recommendations given by the alumni will be taken into account for curriculum enhancement.

Support and Service of Alumni

       The alumni of the college act as resource persons of various programmes conducted in the campus.  The alumni address the current batch of students on various themes, enhancing the knowledge and skill of the students.

Support to Alumni

Shakuntala Kaaliannan has instituted endowment money to support the alumni, who are economically and socially deprived.  The interest amount received from the corpus fund is being utilized for the benefit of alumni every year.

Contribution of Alumni towards Luca Pacioli Endowment Lecture

            The Alumni of Commerce Department have instituted an Endowment Lecture in the name of  LucaPacioli and have contributed an amount of Rs.25000/- towards the same on 20.12.2020. The interest amount from the corpus fund will be utilized for the conduct of Special Endowment Lectures.