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Department of Psychology / உளவியல்

Department of Psychology

We are in the era of “Stress”. As long as there is an increase in technology, the scopes for stressful situations are highly increasing for both adults and youngsters. Those stressful situations can be handled by the adults oneself but youngsters face problems in making decisions in major parts of their Life. Hence everyone is in need of professional help to overcome those Stress & other related mental problems. Thus, Psychologists play major role in helping the individual in overcoming their problems and help them in dealing with the environment in an effective way.
Year of Establishment
Scope of the Programme B.Sc .Psychology is an undergraduate programme. It is the study of the mind via the study of behavior & mental functions. It involves study of mind processes, motives, reaction, feeling, conflict resolution, crisis management, group think motivation & nature of Mind. To practice Psychology in the profession you could go into clinical, School Counselling, General counselling and as well as counsellors in industry/organisations. Department Highlights
  • First College to start this course under Thiruvalluvar University.
  • Providing students with excellent opportunities for personal growth & Professional excellence.
  • Career oriented Syllabus.
  • Psychological Assessment and Experimental Psychology as practical.
  • Guidance & Counselling centre (student support Centre)
  • Internship Training
  • Mini Projects
  Teaching Highlights
  • Teaching through case study, Group discussion, Brain stroming & Seminars.
  • Interactive & Innovative Teaching.
  • Use of Audio-Visual Aids.
  • Special focus on the Practical aspeed.
  Courses offered
  • Basic Psychology
  • Developmental Psychology
  • Research and Statistics in Psychology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Positive Psychology
  • Counselling and Guidance
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Organisational Psychology
  • Social Psychology
  • Physiological Psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • Neuro Psychology
  • Cyber Psychology
  • Sports Psychology
Skill Based Courses
  • Communicative Skills
  • Stress Management
  • Life Skills Education
  • Interpersonal Skills
 Job Opportunities
  • Clinical Psychologist
  • School Counselor
  • Trainers in Industries
  • HR Assistantship
  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • De-Addiction Centers
  • Patient counsellor
  • Emergency care counsellor
  • Call respondent in Counselling related BPO
  • Soft skill trainers
  • Sports Psychologist
D.K.M College For Women (Autonomous),Vellore-Department of Psychology
Program Objective
During the course of study, the student will learn to 
  1. Gain fundamental knowledge on clinical, counselling, industrial and general Psychology required for higher education.
  2. Understand the interconnections of Psychology with other disciplines.
  3. Pursue variety of employment opportunities in hospitals, NGO, educational institutions and develop entrepreneurship in counselling set up.
  4. Think scientifically about behaviour, mental processes, various disorders and underlying mechanisms of approaching a client.
  5. Develop knowledge, skills and abilities to equip oneself as skilled professional and act with ethical consideration among the individuals.
Programme Educational Objectives
A graduate of B.Sc Psychology will
  1. Enable graduates to perform exceptionally in careers related to Psychology, entrepreneurship, leadership roles or work with NGOs and after completing a higher education one can pursue a career in teaching, research, creating conceptual and theoretical framework.
  2. Equipped with the values of professionalism and ethical practices in Psychology
  3. Develop ability to narrow down their core psychological preference and choose their specifications during their higher education.
  4. Equipped with in-depth knowledge and demonstrate the concepts and theories of Psychological approaches in personal, social, and organizational issues during their life span.
  5. Cultivate foundation on interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, integrating concepts from humanities, social sciences and organisational backgrounds
Programme Outcomes
This course intends to
  1. Identify human cognition and behaviour that changes as society demands.
  2. Recall the theoretical approaches of psychology in order to pursue postgraduate in same stream.
  3. Classify the mental health problems of people within psychological structure in order to carry out treatments.
  4. Relate the societal demands tactically as they get trained in life skill developmental during their course of study.
  5. Prepare the students professionally by starting up own venture individually or as a team in various psychological sub fields.
  6. Render service in educational, industrial, clinical and counselling settings.
  7. Facilitate self discovery and understand the aspects of life
  8. Enable students in developing skills and competencies required to meet challenges and needs of the real world.
  9. Develop state of adaptability all through their life span in various aspects of higher education, workplace and personal life.
  10. Appreciate and apply various theories of learning in the practical world.
Programme Specific Outcomes
Students will be 
  1. Acquiring foundation skills needed to be a psychologist.
  2. Given insights on understanding the human behaviors and find logical answers to the question why people behave the way they do.
  3. Learning basic psychological processes, scientific methods in Psychological assessment.
  4. Equipped with skills to identify and diagnose mental disorders, causal pattern and appropriate treatment for various disorders.
  5. Developing skills to live in the social world and apply various theoretical approaches of social behavior learnt.
  6. Gaining familiarity with skills of observation and scientific recording ,analysis and generalisation during psychological practical.
  7. Familiar with biological basis of behavior and approach the societal demands
  8. Developing essential fundamental skills to approach the life with positivity during all the situations.
  9. Acquaint with different mental health problems arise all through the life and methods to diagnose and treat the same professionally.
  10. Able to change the lives of people by understanding scientific and psychological aspects of various phenomena.
B.Sc Psychology- CBCS PatternThe Course of Study and the Scheme of Examination
S.No Part Study Components Course Title Ins. Hrs/ Week Credit Title of the Paper Syllabus
1. I Language-I 6 4 Tamil/ Other language View
2. II English-I 6 4 English View
3. III Core Theory-I 5 4 Basic Psychology – I View
4. III Core Theory-II 5 4 Developmental Psychology –I View
5. III Allied-I 6 5 Research and statistics in Psychology View
6. IV EVS 2 2 Environmental Studies View
S.No Part Study Components Course Title Ins. Hrs/ Week Credit Title of the Paper Syllabus
1. I Language-II 6 4 Tamil-II/ Other Language View
2. II English-II 4 4 English-II View
3. III Core Theory-III 5 4 Basic Psychology – II View
4. III Core Theory-IV 5 4 Developmental Psychology- II View
5. III Allied-II 6 5 Educational Psychology View
6. IV Value Education 2 2 Value Education View
7. IV Soft Skills 2 1
S.No Part Study Components Course Title Ins. Hrs/ Week Credit Title of the Paper Syllabus
1. I Language-III 6 4 Tamil-III/ Other Language View
2. II English-III 6 4 English-III View
3. III Core Theory-V 4 4 Abnormal Psychology- I View
4. III Core Theory-VI 4 4 Positive Psychology View
5. III Allied-III 6 5       Organizational Psychology View
6. IV SBS-I 2 2 Life Skills Education View
7. IV NME-I 2 2      Psychology of Adjustment View
S.No Part Study Components Course Title Ins. Hrs/ Week Credit Title of the Paper Syllabus
1. I Language-IV 6 4 Tamil/ Other Language View
2. II English-IV 6 4 English-IV View
3. III Core Theory-VII 4 4 Abnormal Psychology-II View
4. III Core Theory-VIII 4 4 Counselling and Guidance View
5. III Allied-IV 6 5 Consumer Psychology View
6. IV SBS-II 2 2 Stress Management View
7. IV NME-II 2 2 Psychology of Health and Wellbeing View
S.No Part Study Components Course Title Ins. Hrs/ Week Credit Title of the Paper Syllabus
1. III Core Theory-IX 6 4 Social Psychology-I
2. III Core Theory-X 6 4 Physiological Psychology View
3. III Core Practical-I 6 4   Experimental Psychology View
4. III Elective –I 5 3 School Counselling/ Cyber Psychology View
5. III Elective-II 5 3 Environmental Psychology/ Learning Disabilities View
6. IV SBS-III 2 2 Communicative skills View
S.No Part Study Components Course Title Ins. Hrs/ Week Credit Title of the Paper Syllabus
1. III Core Theory-XI 6 4 Social Psychology – II View
2. III Core Theory-XII 6 4 Neuro Psychology View
3. III Core Practical-II 6 4 Psychological Assessment View
4. III Elective –III 5 3 Health Psychology/Sports Psychology View
5. III Elective-IV 5 3 Psychology in HRM/ Project View
6. IV SBS-IV 2 2 Interpersonal Skills View
7. V Extension Activity - 3
Note: Extra 1-3 credit for Internship Training at the end of the IV semester and Extra 1 – 3 credit for project at VI semester (optional).


Name Staffcode Designation View Profiles
Mrs.Aarthi.D 308PYUA01 Assistant Professor Click Here
Ms.Soniya.K 308PYUA02 Assistant Professor Click Here
Ms.Elakiya 308PYUA04 Assistant Professor Click Here
Name Staffcode Designation View Profiles
Ms. T. Angelin Mary Slessor 308PYUA03 Assistant Professor Click Here


S.No Name of the programme Date of the programme Title/Topic Report
1 Extension Activity at L.G Matric School, Ulli, Gudiyattam 18.08.2022 Educational Assessment View
2 Interdepartmental Orientation Seminar to observe World Suicide Prevention Week                     16.09.2022 Creating Hope through action View
3 Collegiate Event to observe World Mental Health Day                         11.10.2022 Theme: Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority Title: “Meditation for better tomorrow” View


S.No Name of the programme Date of the programme Title/Topic Report
1 Intercollegiate Webinar to observe World Suicide Prevention Week 09.09.2021 Speak up and Reach Out View
2 Departmental event to observe world Mental Health day 11.10.2021 Mental Health Care for all, let’s make it as reality View

2020 - 2021

S.No. Name and Nature of Programme Date of the Programme Title/Topic Report
1 Webinar on “ the development and practice of Community Psychology” 26.03.2021 The Development And Practice of Community Psychology View

 2019 - 2020

S.No Name of the programme Date of the programme Title/Topic Report
1 Orientation Program 15.07.2019 -17.07.2019 Key to success View
2 World Mental Health Day (Seminar, Flash mob and MIME) 10.10.2019 Seminar on “ Me and my values” MIME theme “Say No To suicide” View
3 Departmental Video Lecture 20.02.2020 Autism Spectrum Disorder View
4 Hands on Training cum  Departmental Workshop 28.02.2020 Industrial Psychology View


S.No Name of the programme Date of the programme Title/Topic Report
1 Departmental Guest lecture 10.10.2018 World Mental Health Day Awareness Program “Problems in Youth” View
2 Departmental Workshop 25.02.2019 Psychometric Analysis View


S.No Name of the programme Date of the programme Title/Topic Report
1 Departmental Guest lecture 13.09.2017 Basic Skills and Ethical Practices in counselling View
2 Departmental Guest lecture 30.01.2018 Basics of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy View


S.No Name of the programme Date of the programme Title/Topic Report
1 Interdepartmental Guest lecture 30.08.2016 Learning Disabilities View
2 Interdepartmental Focused Group Discussion 28.04.2017 Problem faced by adolescent children View
3 Interdepartmental Life Skills Training Programme 03.01.2017-07.07.2017 Training programme on empowerment of adolescent women through life skills and sports View