D.K.M College For Women


Vellore - 1

Affiliated To Thiruvalluvar University

Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade with a CGPA of 3.22 out of 4 in the 4th Cycle

Admission Help Line Numbers

Aided - 9488600147 / 9688510584
Unaided - 9489537911




This college was started with the sheer intention of furthering women`s education. In addition to the academic curriculum, we focus on giving the students a holistic development through a strong foundation cemented by values, ethics, confidence and vision

The students are trained through seminars, workshops, guest lecturers, etc to tackle the challenges posed at both their personal and career fronts.

We provide education which delivers the values unique providing high quality education which is learners centered, as recommended by the educationist of contemporary days.

As you are aware, “Knowledge Based Society” leads to a faster economic growth in our country, all out academic policies and program are designed to cater them.

A well- structured curriculum with an adequate dose of co- curricular and extracurricular activities will motive the students to gain knowledge throughout their stay in the college

The uniqueness the parents wish to create in their ward`s character by admitting them in our college will be provided as discipline and is emphasized at all levels

I extend my warm greetings to all the responsible parents of considering enrolment of their ward in our college. This web store will provide sufficient information regarding the Educational System we provide in our college.

The parents have entrusted their wards to us with faith that we would transform them into good human beings. Though we have achieved our ends we have still miles to go.

Through this message I thank every one of our benefactors with gratitude and seek continuance of their patronage to remain our institution as a strong choice among students year after year. You will find that the choice is right, the quality is high and the prospect`s beyond studies and your future is bright.

Dr. T. Sivakumar, M.A.,

President, DKM College for women