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Department of English / ஆங்கிலம்

Department of English

Year of Establishment
Foundation Course (Aided)
B.A (Unaided)
1972 - 1973
Ph.D(Part Time)

Scope of English Language The use of English as a common language is widespread in the culturally diverse Indian climate. English has also emerged as world language vis-a-vis colonization and other specific technological and geo-political reasons. The growing demand for employable graduates with a good command of English and the current literary heights reached by Indians render the study and knowledge of English language and literature indispensable. The department of English aims caters to the possible needs of student and brings both language and literature into its ambit.

Department Highlights The department has been offering foundation English to all courses since the inception of the college and from 2006 onwards Br. XII English literature has been introduced

Teaching Methodology Apart from conventional methods, the department incorporates ICT aids, PPT and literary classics in its teachings.

Subject Offered Academic Subjects designed under autonomous Pattern.

Course Highlights Studying English literature enables our students become fit for various job opportunities. Some of the job opportunities are: 1. Teaching in Schools and Colleges. 2. Banks 3. IT, BPO, Call Center and Tele Caller 4. Industries & Offices 5. Railways and Airport Some of our students are working in such fields and some of them are continuing their higher studies like, M.A English and B.Ed courses.


  • Separate book bank at the Department
  • Smart class room facilities
  • Separate computer with printer
  • Question bank
      • Number of Systems : 27
      • Well Furnished Lab with Air Conditioned
      • Networking facilities with Wi-Fi connection
      • Laptop with Projectors
      • Web camera – 1
      • Orell digital software- 1


Name Staffcode Designation View Profiles
Ms. V.P. Gayathri 308ENA01 Head & Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  M.GAYATHRI 308ENA02 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  Dr. M. Manimozhi PhD 308ENA03 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  SARATHY R 308ENA04 Assistant Professor Click Here


Name Staffcode Designation View Profiles
Mrs.  S.Indragandhi 308ENUA01 Assistant Professor & Head Click Here
Mrs.  D. Sasikala 308ENUA02 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  S. Sumathi 308ENUA03 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  D. Ramya 308ENUA04 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  P.R.Thilagavathi 308ENUA05 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  E. Arivazhagi 308ENUA06 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  J.Josephine Mary 308ENUA07 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  S.Tamil Eakkiya 308ENUA08 Assistant Professor Cilck Here
Ms. D. Miracline Susanna 308ENUA09 Assistant Professor Click Here
Mrs.  M. Rajalakshmi 308ENUA10 Assistant Professor Click Here

2020 - 2021

S.No. Name and Nature of Programme   Date of the Programme Title/Topic



1. National Webinar 29.6.20 English language learning from home: Techno- Pedagogical perspectives. View
2.  Model United Nations 27.2.21 & 9.3.21 Model United Nations- DKMC- MUN View
3.  Association Activities 2020-21 20.2.21 22.2.21 27.2.21 & 28.2.21 English Literary Association " LETTERS" View
17.2.21 to 27.2.21 Association Activities 2020-21
4. Online Literary Quiz 20.05.2020 to 23.05.2020. online quiz on Literary Theory and Criticism View
5. Awareness walk 1.03.2021 Women’s Empowerment and Child Abuse. View