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Affiliated To Thiruvalluvar University

Accredited by NAAC with 'A' Grade with a CGPA of 3.22 out of 4 in the 4th Cycle

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Funded Projects

Details of Projects undertaken under UGC Fund

Name of the Staff Duration Name of the Projects Funding Agencies Amount Rs Status
Dr.S.Vijayakumari 2021-2022 Qualitative analysis of biocompost prepared from jeevamrutham and horse mare for enrichment of soil fertility to enhance the growth of Capsicum annum. TNSCST 7500 Completed
Dr. S.Asha 2021-2022 Exogenously applied degradation mixed chelatin (EDTA OA and CA) enhances medicago sativa phytoextraction efficiency in heavy metals contaminated soils . TNSCST 7500 Completed
Dr. S.Sashikala 2019-2020 Synthesis and Characterization of some Chalcone derivatives with the Evaluation of therir Biological Properties TNSCST 7500 Completed
Dr. J.Hemapriya 2019-2022 Bacteriorhodopsin – a purple membrane protein mediated solar cells for enerfy production TNSCST 3,00,000 Completed
Dr. J.Hemapriya 2019-2020 Formulation of green nano fertilizer using nanocrystalline hydroxyapatite from waste egg shell and microbial nano urea to enhance the plant growth through slow and sustained release of nitrogen TNSCST 7500 Completed
Dr.Amrita Anantharaman 2019-2020 Acute dermal toxicity study and photoprotective evaluation lawsonia inermis extract against UV-B induced oxidative damage TNSCST 7500 Completed
Dr. Vinita Ernest 2018-2019 Cloning and Expression of VP28 gene in Spinachthrough agrofiltration technique using peaq-HT vector TNSCST 7500 Completed
Dr.R.Durgadevi 2017-2018 Girls and the impact of Dietary Intervention on their Health Status in Jawadhu Hill, Vellore region TNSCST 10,000 Completed
Dr. P.N. Sudha, 2016 -2019 Development of nanochitosan / montraorillonite clay / polyvinyl alcohol nano filtration mats for heavy metal containing tannary effluent treatment. DST-


37,35,000 Completed
Dr.A.Vidhya 2016 – 2018 Synthesis of Bioplastics using Polyhydroxybutyrate from Actinobacteria – Evaluation of its biodegradation and Invitro ecotoxicity UGC-Minor 75,000 Completed
Dr.V.Prabha 2016 -2018 Comparision of Cardioprotective effect of ethanolic extracts of Marine algae Sargassum swartzil -Ulva lactuca and Gracilaria cortica agains Isoprocerenol induced Myocardial Infraction UGC-Minor 1,22,500 Completed
Dr. T.Gomathi 2016-2017 Ecofriendly Green Synthesis of Zinc Oxide nanoparticles using Palm Extracts against Wound casuing Microorganisms TNSCST 10,000 Completed

S. No.

Name of the staff Title of the project Amount sanctioned (Rs.) Funding Agency Status
1 Dr. K. Revathy
Reader in English
English curriculum: an overview of promises, perspectives and problems in schools –Vellore, Tamil Nadu. 2,90,000 UGC Completed
2 Dr.G.Kowsalya
Reader in Tamil
Social Welfare Organization In Vellore Town 16,000 MHRM Completed
35,000 UGC-MINOR Completed
3 Mrs. T. Valli
Reader in Zoology
Investigation On The Current Status Of Vellore Fort Moat Ecosystem And Its Impact On Commercially Important  Major Carps Of Dkm College For Women 1,00,000 UGC-MINOR Completed
4 Mrs. I. Mangairkarasi
SG. Lec. in History
Glimpses On Religious Harmony In Vellore 65,000 UGC-MINOR Completed
5 Mrs. S. Valarmathy
SG. Lec. in Tamil
Socio-Economic Conditions Of The People In The Outskirts Of Vellore, Tamil Nadu 1,00,000 UGC-MINOR Completed
6 Dr.S.Mythili Department of Commerce (Aided) A study on health care reinforcement through TQM, practices in private hospital of Vellore health unit division (2012-13) 95000/- UGC Completed
7 Dr. P. N. Sudha
Department of Chemistry
Fabrication of nanochitosan, cellulose acetate and polyethylene glycol, antifouling membranes for heavy metal contaminated wastewater treatment applications( 2012-2014)


UGC Completed
8 Dr. P. N. Sudha
Department of Chemistry
Preparation of short kenaf fibre reinforced chitosan composite biosorbent for heavy metal contaminated wastewater treatment applications(2008-2011)
1,60,000/- UGC Completed
9 Dr. P. N. Sudha
Department of Chemistry
Towards chrome free Chicken-A piolt scale study to extract value added byproducts from chromium containing collagenous waste of tanneries in Ranipet area, Vellore, Tamil nadu (2007-2011) 1,10,000/- TNSCST Completed
10 Dr. P. N. Sudha
Department of Chemistry
UGC minor project “Preparation, Characterization of Nano Chitosan based bio – Composites for Water Treatment” (2009 -2012)
1,75,000/- UGC Completed
11 Dr. K.Devi
Department of Zoology
UGC-Major Research Project – “Protective potential of some Indian Folklore medicinal plants on Acetaminophen and alcohol induced hepatotoxicity in male albino rats(2011-2014) 4,86,000/- UGC Completed
12 S.Santhalakshmi
Department of Chemistry
Minor Research project- Synthesis, Characterisation, Crystal, Structure Anti-Microbial, and larvicidal studies of New Theory SCH IFF Base Transition Metal complexes derived from Aliphalic Chelating Diamine.(2014-2016) 4,50,000/- UGC Completed
13 S. Asha
Department of Biochemistry
Minor Research Project- Evaluation of Antivro Lithiatic Activity of Amaranthus H Spinosun LINN, Leaves on Ethylene Induc ED Urolithiasis in Male Rats 2,83,000/- UGC Completed
14 Dr. T. Gomathi
Department of Chemistry
Eco-friendly green synthesis of zinc oxide nanoparticles using plant extracts against wound causing microorganisms (2016-2017)  10,000/- TNSCST- Student Project Completed