Anti Ragging Cell

Anti ragging cell takes care of ragging free campus. On the first day of college reopening, first year students are informed about the cell and even senior students are also been educated to keep a cordial relationship with their juniors.Our college campus is completely free from ragging. The anti ragging committee includes the Principal, the co-ordinator, all the HOD’s of major department and one student representative from each class. The Government rules and regulations and the UGC Guidelines are informed to the students in the assembly and also an undertaking is obtained from the First year students and the parents every year.

  • The Anti ragging cell is active in the college. “It is proudly recorded that no complaints have been received” so far. It consists of staff representatives who regularly monitor the activities of the students throughout the year.
  • A complaint Box is placed in front of the Principal’s room and students are made aware of the availability of the complaint box and are encouraged to make use of it.
  • The HODs of all the departments actively contribute for the effective management of the cell.

The Anti Ragging Cell Committee members Chairman

  • Dr. (Mrs) R.Banumathy, M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,                                                                                           Principal


Dr. L. Uma Mageshwari Botany
Dr. M. Logeshwari Physical Directress
Dr. J. Hemapriya Microbiology
Mrs. S. Kalaiselvi Comp. Science
  • Heads of all the Departments
  • Student Representatives (UG and PG)

Anti Ragging Report 2021-2022