Inauguration of Library Day – 23.08.2017

The meeting started at 09.30 a.m. in the D block conference hall. Dr.J.Shanthi librarian welcomed the gathering. After the words of felicitation by the secretary and the principal, the chief guest gave his special address.




The chief Guest of the day was Dr.P.Vinayagamoorthy, University Librarian, Thiruvalluvar University. He gave Special speech on “Information Literacy”. He insisted that students should develop reading habits in their day to day life which will uplift their standard. He extended a special invitation to all the students & research scholar’s to Thiruvalluvar University to access the university library for e-resource.

The Principal in her Speech underlined the resources availability and regarding the development of library in our college and usage of library by students and staff is fast increasing day by day. Students must develop themselves through information technology in our Digital library.

Secretary highlighted that the students should have reading habits and mentioned that text books and Reference books are the two parallel railway tracks in everyone’s life. He encouraged and motivated the students to give review of the book and students will be awarded either by books or Cash prize.

Book Exhibition was also arranged on 22.08.2017 & 23.08.2017 in our campus all subject books and motivational books were exhibited.

After the distribution of prizes Mrs.R.Nirmala proposed the vote of thanks. The meeting ended at 11.30 pm with National anthem.

More than 100 students participated in various competition, and more than 25 students won the prize in various competition conducted by Department of Library.


The Prize winners are

  Day College  
  Tamil Essay Writing  
S.No Name Dept. Place
1 A. Nandhini 1st Maths 1st
2 S. Kalaiyarasi 3rs History 2nd
3 K. Kavitha 1st Zoology 2nd
4 S. Sanmathy 1st Maths 3rd
5 P. Monisha 1st Maths 3rd
   English Essay Writing Place
1 G. Keerthana 2nd Maths 1st
2 B.Rageela 3rd Maths 2nd
3 P.Pavithra 1st Chemistry 2nd
4 M. Divya 3rd B.Com 3rd
5 G.Poornima 1st Maths 3rd
6 K.Kalaivani 2rd Maths 3rd
  Day College  
  Quiz Place
1 S.Shruthi 1st Commerce 1st
2 S.Shruthilaya 1st Commerce 1st
3 A.Anisha 1st Commerce 1st
4 S.Yasmeen Rashidha 1st Commerce 1st
5 M.Baargavi 1st Commerce 1st
1 B.Rageela 3rd Maths 2nd
2 M.Arshiya Sulthana 3rd Maths 2nd
3 M.Mubeena 3rd Maths 2nd
4 S.Srimathi 3rd Maths 2nd
5 U.V.Poovizhi 3rd Maths 2nd
1 P.Kowsalya 2nd Zoology 3rd
2 L.Kavitha 2nd Zoology 3rd
3 V.P.S.Sruthikeerthana Priya 3rd Zoology 3rd
4 N.Kamala 2nd Zoology 3rd
5 G.Jenitha 3rd Zoology 3rd
  Day College  
  Drawing Place
1 M.Arshiya Sulthana 3rd Maths 1st
2 M.Mubeena 3rd Maths 2nd
3 R.Mahalakshmi 2nd Zoo 3rd


  Day College  
  Debate Place
1 U.V.Poovizhy (Lib) 3rd Maths 1st
2 M.Parkavi (Internet) 1st 1st
3 B.Raheela (Lib) 3rd Maths 2nd
4 L.Kavitha  (Internet) 2nd Zoo 2nd
5 G.Jeeva  (Lib) 3rd His 3rd
6 P.Pavithra (Internet) 3rd  Chem 3rd



  Evening College  
  Tamil Essay Writing Place
1 J. Kokila 3rd Biochemistry 1st
2 S. Tamizharasi 2nd Psychology 2nd
3 C. Sowmiya 3rd 2nd
4 K.Yuvarani 1st B.Com 3rd
5 D. Archana 3rd Bio Chem 3rd
   English Essay Writing Place
1 P.Apparna 2nd Biochemsitry 1st
2 K.Sathvika 2nd Biochemsitry 1st
3 R.Kuberasri 3rd Psy 2nd
4 S.Maqbuljin 2nd ISM 2nd
5 R.A.Sumiya Fathima 3rd Bio Chem 2nd
6 R.Sowmiya 2nd ISM 3rd
  Evening College  
  Quiz Place
1 V.Harina 3rd Bio-Chem 1st
2 K.Diana 3rd Bio-Chem 1st
3 A.Reeba 1st Bio-Chem 1st
4 B.Revathi 1st Bio-Chem 1st
5 S.Nivashini 1st Bio-Chem 1st
1 C.Charulatha 3rd Mgt 2nd
2 M.Pavithra 3rd Mgt 2nd
3 V.Karthiga 3rd Mgt 2nd
4 N.Nivetha 3rd Mgt 2nd
5 R.Sangeetha 1st Mgt 2nd
1 K.Sandhiya 2nd Maths 2nd
2 A.Manthra 2nd Maths 2nd
3 A.Divya 2nd Maths 2nd
4 K.Indhuja 2nd Maths 2nd
5 S.Shilpa 1st Maths 2nd
6 S.Deepika 1st Maths 2nd
1 A.Shalini Daisy Rani 3rd Psy 3rd
2 A.M.S.Jayashree 3rd Psy 3rd
3 K.Kannigaparameshwari 2nd psy 3rd
4 S.Tamilzharasi 2nd psy 3rd
5 I.Yogeshwari 3rd Psy 3rd
  Evening College  
  Drawing Place
1 M.Pavithra 1st, Psy 1st
2 T.Preethi 2nd Bio-Chem 1st
3 K.Sathvika 2nd Bio-Chem 2nd
4 S.Tamilzharasi 2nd Psy 3rd
5 S.Priyanka 3rd Bio Tech 3rd
  Evening College  
  Debate Place
1 V.Jayaprabha (Lib) 3rd BA Eng 1st
2 Karthiga (Internet) 3rd BBA 1st
3 S.Nivashini (Lib) 1st Bio-chem 2nd
4 K.Indhuja (Internet) 2nd Maths 2nd
5 S.Fouziya Banu (Lib) 2nd BA Eng 3rd
6 A.M.S.Jayashree (Internet) 1st Psy 3rd