The NCC plays an important role in moulding the character of young women. It develops leadership qualities among the cadets and inculcates the spirit of sportsmanship in them.


The objectives of the NCC


  • To develop qualities of courage, comradeship, discipline, leadership, secular outlook, spirit of adventure, sportsmanship and the ideal of selfless service among youth to make them useful citizens.
  • To create a human resource of organized, trained, and motivated youth, to provide leadership in all walks of life including the armed forces which will be always be available for the service of the nation.


Number of Cadets 54
Units 1
Number of Regular Extension Programmes 3


Awards Received

Lt.Dr. (Tmt.) A.Amirthavalli,


  1. Lieutenant rank as NCC Officer at the Officers Training Academy, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh
  2. Best Officer Medal at CATC Camp on 14th of June 2009, held at Avadi Vel Tech Eng College, Chennai by Commanding Officer.Col. N.Ragunath.1.T.N. Gr.Bn NCC Chennai.
  3. Best ANO Award was given by Camp Commandent Col.Gokula and Directorate Camp Commandent Lt. Col. Baskar. Kerala Directorate at the National Level NIC Camp Held at Kollam on 4th of January 2011.


NCC activities


The following competitions were conducted in various places at the national level. The students of DKM College won prizes in almost all the activities and even won the ‘gold medal’. The details are given below:



Date Place Inter Collegiate




Prize Winners
1. 10-09-2009 to


Bhuvanaswari Orrisa National- NIC Cultural     —
2. 12-06-2009 to 22-06-2009 Nayar Dam Kerala National- NIC All Indian Rock Climbing Expedition     —
3. 24-12-2010 to 04-01-2011 Kollam Kerala National-NIC Cultural 1st Prize
4. 06-07-2011 to 26-07-2011 Ladak Kashmir National-NIC Cultural 1st  Prize
5. 15-09-2011 to 26-09-2011 Kanpur Uttrapradesh National-NIC Cultural 2nd Prize
6. 19-10-2011 to 30-10-2011 Pedapuram Kakkinada National- NIC Cultural 2nd Prize
7. 18-01-2012 to 29-01-2012 Patoudi Delhi National-NIC Cultural    —–
8. 12-04-2012 to 24-04-2012 Lakshadweep  Island National-NIC Cultural    —–
9. 01-10-2012to 12-10-2012 Kanpur Uttrapradesh National -NIC Cultural 2nd Prize
10. 04-10-2012 to 11-10-2012 Darjeeling National -NIC Cultural 1st Prize
11. 28-09-2012 to 15-10-2012 Darjeeling National-NIC In all the Activities 1st Prize


12. 08-05-2013 to 17-05-2013 Ooty National-NIC Cultural 2nd Prize


List of cadets selected for  RDC and TSC for the year 2008 – 2013


RDC:Republic Day Parade Camp


  • 42608/07   CUO       S. Lokeshwari   – IGC – RDC
  • 42575/08   CDT        V. Kalpana        – IGC – RDC
  • 42203/09   CDT        S .Devidurga     – IGC – RDC
  • 42575/10   CUO       G.Suriya            – IGC – RDC
  • 42196/11   L/CPL    R. Harini            – IGC – RDC
  • 42215/11   CDT       S. Shalini           –  IGC – RDC
  • 42236/12  CDT        K.Nithya             –  IGC – RDC


TSC: ThalSainik Camp


  • 42609/07   CDT   J.Shakila        IGC – TSC  (Coimbatore)
  • 42618/07   CDT  R.Gitadevi        IGC –TSC (Coimbatore)
  • 42580/08   CDT  M.Sivagami      IGC – TSC (Madurai)
  • 42215/09   CDT  P.Mahadevi      IGC – TSC (Trichy)
  • 42201/09   CDT  G.Seetha          IGC – TSC (Trichy)
  • 42196/09   CDT  A.Kala              IGC – TSC  (Trichy)
  • 42577/10   SGT  S. Gayathri      IGC – TSC  (Tanjore)
  • 42207/11   CPL  D.Poornima      IGC – TSC  (Trichy)


Details of  NCC programme 2009 – 2014


Date Activities Chief guest Venue
16-02-2010 Awareness Programme on organ Donation With NSS DKMC DKM College For women
02-10-2010 Honouring the cadets won the National  Award IAS Collector R.Rajendran
05-02-2012 Cancer Awareness Programmme With NSS DKMC DKM College,Vellore
20-03-2012 Cultural Integration Programme With NSS DKMC DKM College,Vellore
05-12-2012 AIDS Awareness Programme With NSS DKMC DKM College,Vellore
07-12-2012 Ex Service Man Flag Day, Fund Collection Rally Dr. K. Revathi DKM College,Vellore
Year                                                      Event  
2009-10 ·      Awareness Programme on organ Donation

·      Mass Tree Plantation in Kaniyambadi Taluk

2010-11 ·      Honoring the cdts who won the National Award in NIC in order to encourage all cadets

·      Mass Tree Plantation in Elavambadi Village 3000 trees were planted

2011-12 ·      Cancer Awareness Programmme

·      Cultural Integration Programme for the cadets of Bihar, Jharkand& TN

2012-13 ·      AIDS Awareness Programme

·      Ex Service Man Flag Day, Fund Collection Rally

2013-14 ·      9 students of our college participated and undergone training in traffic control and regulation through N.S.S. from 3-7-13 at Vellore.

A. Karpagam, V. Kavitha, M. Jeevitha, V. Nirosha, S. Thenmozhi, A. Haritha, M. Pongi, B. Divya and S. Somaiya from II. B.Com.

Lt.Dr. (Tmt.) A.Amirthavalli,

Head, Department of History