The aim and objective of the NSS is personality development of the students through communal service.


The objectives of the NSS include:


  • Creating social awareness leading to effective action
  • Active involvement in community problems to spearhead social change
  • Bringing about overall development of the student’s personality through involvement in projects
  • Training students for responsible leadership


These objectives are realized through various projects under the guidance and supervision of the NSS Programme Officer assisted by faculty members.


  • D.K.M -NSS unit was started in the 1980. The college has 4 NSS units, 100 students for each unit and totally 400
    students participate in all the activities of the NSS.
  • NSS of our college organizes various programmes related to community Orientation and encourage students to participate in extension activities in the form of awareness programmes, rallies and community services.
  • The yearly activities of the NSS includes orientation and awareness programmes related to AIDS, breast feeding, tuberculosis, leprosy, blood donation, polio, etc., Important days like Gandhi Jayanthi, World Suicide Day, Voters awareness day, Womens day, World Breast Feeding week, Population day and festivals like Diwali, Pongal and Christmas are also celebrated in order to create communal harmony and integrity among the students.


Training Programmes Attended by P.Os:Orientation Course at “MSSW”, Chennai.

  • Mrs. L. Uma maheshwari
    Assistant professor of Botany
  • Dr.S.Sasikala
    Assistant professor of Zoology
  • Dr. S. Santhalakshmi
    Assistant professor of Chemistry
  • Dr.G.Vijayalakshmi
    Assistant professor of History
  • Ms .G.Sudha

Training for Trainers at “RGNIYD” Sriperumbudur.

  • Dr.S.Sasikala
    Assistant professor of Zoology


1Mrs.S.MythiliCommerceBest P.O2005-2006
2Mrs.K. SarumathyBiochemistryBest P.O2007-2008
3Ms.J.Anisa BegumBiochemistryBest Volunteer2005-2006
4Ms.N.KasthuriBiochemistryBest Volunteer2006-2007
5Ms.S.KalaivaniCommerceBest Volunteer2006-2007
6Ms.S.RevathiCommerceBest Volunteer2007-2008




  • 21.06.15 – International Yoga day was celebrated.
  • 13.07.15 – In connection with ‘World Population  Day’, Pledge was taken by the volunteers in presence of Dr. P.N. Sudha, Principal, DKM College, Vellore.
  • 23.07.15 –  In association with Govt. medical department “World Population Day” was conducted.  Human Rally was conducted from Anna Kalaiarangam to Voorhees college, Vellore.
  • 23.07.15 – An awareness program on “Road safety” was conducted.
  • 12.08.15 – In connection with ‘Internationl Youth Day’ pledge was taken by the volunteers.
  • 20.08.15 – In connection with ‘Sadbavana Diwas’ pledge was taken by the volunteers.
  • 26.08.15 – Oonam festival was celebrated by drawing Athapu kolam.
  • 10.09.15 – Rally was conducted from Taulk Office to DKM College, sainathapuram, Vellore.  Signature campaign was also conducted.    Rally was initiated by Rn.R.K. Jaya Prakash, President, Rotary club of Vellore Presidency. Dr. Zubaidha Sultha, Psychiatrist, Meenakshi medical college, Kancheepuram interacted with the NSS volunteers on the topic “ Reaching out & Saving Life”.
  • 06.10.15 – Blood donation camp was organized at DKM College.




  • 12.10.15 – Essay writing and oratorical competitions were conducted in commemoration ‘Youth Renaissance Day’. The winners were sent for District Level competition conducted by Govt. Of Tamil Nadu.
  • 15.10.15 – In connection with Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s 84th birth anniversary NSS volunteers participated in the rally.


S. No. Date Programme Volunteers Participated
1 21.06.16 International Yoga Day was celebrated in Thiruvalluvar University 100 volunteers participated
2 27.06.16 Orientation program to the new NSS volunteers on the motto and objectives of National Services Scheme was conducted. 400 volunteers participated
3 07.07.16



In connection with ‘World population Day” speech competition was conducted 20 students participated in the competition. Three of them got the prize. 60 Volunteers participated
4 11.07.16 In connection with “World Population Day” and in association with Government Medical College, Vellore Human Rally was conducted from Gandhi Statue to Town Hall, Vellore.  The Rally was followed by a meeting at Town Hall, Vellore. 300 Volunteers participated
5 13.07.16 Blood Screening test was conducted to test the Hb level of students to donate Blood.  Officials from Government Hospital, Adukamparai, Vellore came to the college to conduct the test.  Nearly 150 students participated and 50 students were selected fit to donate Blood. 150 Volunteers donated blood
6 14.07.16 NSS volunteers donated blood at Collectorate to encourage female blood donars. 40 Volunteers donated blood
7 24.08.16 Krishna Jayanthi was celebrated by distributing sweets and conducting competitions like fancy dress, singing and slogan telling. 300 Volunteers participated
8 15.08.16 Independence day was celebrated.                Dr.N.Thenmozhi, Head&Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry delivered a message on 70th Independence Day.  NSS volunteers participated in various cultural programmes. 400 Volunteers participated
9 16.08.16 Signature campaign Inter – linking of Indian Rivers 200 Volunteers participated
10 16.08.16 Drawing competition was conducted. 28 Volunteers participated
11 17.08.16 Painting competition was conducted 32 Volunteers participated
12 18.08.16 Kavithai Writing competition was conducted 21 Volunteers participated
13 19.08.16 Essay writing was competition conducted 24 Volunteers participated
14 22.08.16 Pledge was taken in the presence of Principal, DKM College, Vellore and prizes were distributed to the winners of various competitions. 400 Volunteers participated
Special Swatchchta Campaign
15 19.08.16 College campus was cleaned for Swachh Bharat Mission. Banners were placed after cleaning to maintain cleanliness. 400 Volunteers participated
16 24.08.16 Students were taken to the adopted village Edyansathu for cleaning the Elementary School. 100 Volunteers participated
17 19.08.16 & 20.08.16 NSS Volunteers visited the adopted village. They cleaned the temples, elementary school and awareness programme was conducted on Open Defecation Free Village.

The students gave awareness on Open Defecation Free (ODF) Village.

100 Volunteers participated
18 30.08.16 NSS Volunteers went on Rally empathizing on cleanliness. 100 Volunteers participated
19 30.08.16 Students went for Rally on Swach Bharat. The Students distributed pamphlets about keeping the house and surroundings clean. 50 Volunteers participated
20 31.08.16 Meeting was conducted with Principal of the college and it was discussed about the future plans of sustaining cleanliness in the college it was decided to install Incinerator to dispose sanitary napkins. 100 Volunteers participated
Regular Activities
21 08.09.16 Onam festival was celebrated by drawing Athapukolam. Sweets were distributed to the students. 50 Volunteers participated
22 02.09.16 World Suicide Prevention week was observed. Various competitions were conducted on the topic such as Essay, drawing, painting, drama and speech competitions. 45 Volunteers participated
23 09.09.16 In connection with World Suicide Prevention Day. Rally was conducted from Vellore Taluk office to DKM College, Sainathapuram, Vellore.

Signature campaign was also conducted.    Dr. Zubaidha Sulthana, Psychiatrist, Meenakshi Medical College, Kancheepuram Delivered a Talk on the topic “Say no to Suicide” Mr. Chandrasekar, Udavum Ullangal and Mr. Naveen President, Lions Club of Vellore took part in the program. Prizes were distributed to the winners. An awareness regarding suicide prevention was created among the students by lighting the candles.

100 Volunteers participated
24 16.9.2016 “World Ozone Day”

To create awareness for the prevention of pollution, Drawing and Painting competitions were conducted.

50 Volunteers participated
25 22.09.16 Dengue Awareness Programme was conducted and the NSS volunteers were asked to examine the college campus, hostel and the nearby residential areas and were asked to create awareness among the public. 150 Volunteers participated
26 28.09.16 “NSS Day” was celebrated Former NSS program officers were honored. Sweets were distributed to the students. Cultural Programmes were conducted. 100 Volunteers participated
27 06.10.16 Three NSS programme officers attended NSS PO’s meeting at Thiruvalluvar University.
28 18.10.16 Bharat Rathna A.P.J. Abdul Kalam’s Birthday was celebrated as, “Youth Awakening Day”. Dr. K. Kalpana, Assistant Professor of Tamil, AAA Arts College, Walajapet addressed the gathering on the topic “Achievements of Abdul Kalam”.        Dr. Vinayaga Moorthy, Librarian in Thiruvalluvar University, motivated the students by delivering a speech on the topic “Life history of Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam”. 150 volunteers


29 27.10.16 Diwali was celebrated. Fire service Vellore District demonstrated how to crackle fires safely. 200 volunteers


30 31.10.16 Sardhar Vallabai Patel birthday was celebrated as “Rashtriya Ekta Saptah” Oath was taken for National Unity. Rally was also conducted. 150 volunteers


31 31.10.16 The Death Anniversary of late Smt. Indira Gandhi was observed as “Rastriya Sankalp Diwas”. Dr. G. Sujatha, HOD & Assistant Professor of Tamil delivered lecture on the “Life history of Mrs. Indra Gandhi”. 150 volunteers




1Dr. P.N. Sudha, M.Sc., M.Phil., M.Ed., Ph.D.,


D.K.M. College for Women,


2Dr. S. Santha Lakshmi, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Chemistry

3Dr. G. Vijayalakshmi, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor of History

4Ms. J. Janani  M.Com. M.Phil.
Assistant Professor of Commerce

5Ms. M.Angelin Mercy, M.A. M.Phil.

Assistant Professor of English.