Women Studies

The Centre for Women’s Studies seeks to consolidate and strengthen many of the college’s initiatives towards women’s education, research and interventions on gender issues.

The Centre not only takes up research and documentation in the field, but also seeks to focus on links between activism, intervention and academics. Working across languages, it hopes to build a local thrust.

The Centre endeavours to realize its aims of empowering women through seminars and workshops. The Centre also plans to network with national and international women’s groups to strengthen solidarity and to build resources for positive cultural interventions through theatre, film and social advertising. The initiatives of the Centre are focused on Teaching, Research, Training, Documentation, Field Action and Linkages.

The activities of the Centre are planned and organized by a team of faculty, some of whom are well recognized in the field of women and gender. With the objective of sensitizing the student community, the Centre has organized competitions as well as awareness programmes.

Certificate course offered by women development cell

  • Beautician Course
  • Jewellery  Making
  • Vegetable Carving
  • Tailoring
  • Toy- Making

Beautician Course

  • Women development cell started beautician course on 14. 07 2014 in collaboration with Angel Beauty Parlour and coaching centre, Vellore.
  • The course was designed in three modules.
  • The course gives training on eye brow trimming, facial and straight hair cut, pedicure, manicure, ordinary make-up, hand wax, hair dye, hot oil massage, bleaching for one month course. Stomach massage, dandruff treatment, hair growth treatment, pigment treatment, different types of hair style, advanced gel type make-up for two months. Stomach massage, thai massage, fat removal, pimple treatment, dandruff treatment, advanced hair cutting, hair growth treatment, pigment treatment for three months. The students were awarded Bharat Sevak Samaj Certificate.

For the academic year 2015-2016, beautician course was inaugurated on 15.07.2015.

Various awareness programmes were also conducted by the women development cell in collaboration with NSS and Rotaract.

Proposed Events

  • Toy- making
  • Jewellery making in the month of Dec- 2015.


Dr.  Lt. A Amirthavalli,

Associate Professor of History.


  • Dr. S. Sasikala
    Assistant Professor of Tamil
  • Dr. M. Manimozhi
    Assistant Professor of English
  • Mrs. R. Sarathy
    Assistant Professor of English
  • Mrs. A. Viayalakshmi
    Assistant Professor of Chemistry
  • Mrs. A. Rama
    Assistant Professor of Management
  • Mrs. A. Bharathi
    Assistant Professor of Micro Biology.


WDC report 2016-17