Youth Red Cross: The Dynamics of its Role

The Youth of today are the responsible citizens of tomorrow. The Most important task of universities and colleges is to equip the student youth to live and play their nation building activity purposefully and meaningfully along with NSS and NCC. The Youth Red Cross Wing has in recent years drawn in to its fold. The main objectives of youth Red Cross are “Health, Service and Friendship”.

Important activities of Youth Red Cross Banners

  1. Organizing Blood Donation Camps.
  2. Getting First aid Training.
  3. Collection and Distribution of old Cloths for victims of natural disasters.
  4. Disaster management training.
  5. Tree Plantation campaigns.
  6. Environmental Protection Projects.
  7. AIDS Awareness Programme.
  8. Campaigns against smoking, Alcoholism and Drug abuse.
  9. Arranging medical Camps.
  10. Educating the Public in Road safety norms



Dr. T.Bharathi, M.Com., M.B.A., M.Phil., Ph.D.,
Assistant Professor of Commerce


Mrs. C.Revathi, M.Sc., M.Phil.,
Assistant Professor of Mathematic

Mrs. Rajalakshmi, M.A., M.Phil.,
Assistant Professor of English


1) Humanity in Action

2) YRC Volunteer as a College Health Ambassador

3) The Role of YRC Volunteer in Fostering Friendship.



S.No. Name of the Programme Date of the Programme        Title/Topic    Report
1. Webinar 25.06.2021 Covid and Child care     View
2. Sub Committee meeting 11.08.2021     View
3. Awareness programme 06.08.2021 Covid 19     View
4. Celebrations of 75th Independence Year 19.08.2021 Role of Women in Indian Independence(Oratorical competition)      View
5. Celebrations of 75thIndependence Year 02.09.2021 Exbihition-75th Independence celebrations      View
6. Awareness programme 13.10.2021 Eradication of social evils     View
7. Remembrance of Dr,APJ. Abdul Kalam’s Birthday 13.10.2021 Youth Awakening Day      View
8. Celebrations of Diwali 27.10.2021 Joy of giving     View
9. Special Meeting 26.11.2021 POSCO Act     View
10. Oratorical Competitions 12.12.2021 Patriotism and Nation Building     View
11. Participation in Study Camp 10.03.2022 One day District level YRC students study camp     View
12. Blood donation Camp 16.03.2022    View
13. Independence Day 17.05.2022 75th Independence Day (STAP)     View

2020 -2021 

S.NO Name of the Programme Date of the Programme Title/ Topic Report
1 Youth Day Celebration 12.01.2021 Swami Vivekananda and His Message for the Youth An Overview View
2 Awareness  Programme 19.02.2021 Boosting Immunity View
3 Special Meeting 19.03.2021 Conservation of Water Resources View
4 Corona 19 – Awareness Programme 06.08.2021 Street Play – Kollum Coronavai Velvom View


S.No Name of the Programme Date of the Programme Title/ Topic Report
1  Yoga Day Celebration 21.06.2019 International Yoga Day View
2 Blood Donation Camp 25.07.2019 Blood Donation Camp View


S.No Name of the Programme Date of the Programme Title/ Topic Report
1 Awareness  Programme 21.06.2018 World Yoga Day View
2 Camp 28.07.2018 Swaach Bharath Camp View
3 Geneva Convention Day 27.09.2018 Geneva Convention Day View
4 Interview Skills 20.03.2019 Breast Cancer Awareness View


S.No Name of the Programme Date of the Programme Title/ Topic Report
1 Cleaning Activity Programme 17.08.2017 Swaach Bharath View
2 Village Activity Programme 17.08.2017 Tree Saplings Plantation View
3 Blood Donation Camp 13.09.2017 Blood Donation Camp View
4 International Women’s Day – Meeting 12.03.2018 International Women’s Day View


S.No Name of the Programme Date of the Programme Title/ Topic Report
1 International Yoga Day 21.06.2016 World Yoga Day View
2 Orientation Program 25.10.2016 –


Three Day Zonal Level  Orientation Training Programme View
3 Workshop 24.03.2017 Cashless Transaction and Demonetization and Leadership Qualities View